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Scrabble Board Games
Scrabble Board Games


Raw Lumber

Our Boards all start with hand selected hardwoods from all over the world. We believe that it took a long time to create the trees that are harvested, and believe the same care should be taken when using each piece of amazing wood.

Tile Racks

Our tile racks are curved for easy viewing. They also feature rare earth magnets, that allow them to stow beneath the board when not in use. They accomodate up to 8 playing tiles for different gameplay, as well as easy shifting between tiles on the rack.

Our Playing Tiles feature Engraved lettering. The engraving process leaves a soft darker boarder around the perimeter, and they are sealed with the same protective finish that we use on our boards.



A geographic wonderland of wood species on every board!

Sustainably sourced from all over the world, our wood inlays are solid wood, and have not been stained or enhanced.

Each board set is outfitted with a lazy susan turntable on the bottom of the board, allowing you to swiftly rotate the board for efficient gameplay between players.


Tile/Travel bags

All of our tile and travel bags are made in house. The travel bags are made of duck canvas, a very durable fabric.

Each board set will include:


  • A full set of wooden playing tiles

  • A handmade tile bag

  • Tile racks that stow beneath secured with rare earth magnets

  • A handmade canvas travel bag

  • Finished board size is approximately: 17"x15.75"x1.5"

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